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Ep. 48 Jon Calestine

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Jon Calestine is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown belt under Daisuke Yamaji, in New York, New York, USA. At and early age, Jon decided that the “traditional” way of doing things wasn’t the thing for him, but a chance encounter with a local fighter gave him an opportunity to learn from and train with some of Jiu Jitsu’s elite grapplers and he hasn’t looked back. After winning events on the east coast and Texas, he’s become one of the rising stars under the Renzo Gracie flag. Listen as we discuss what it take to make maintain a high level of focus, how you make it thorough your jiu jitsu challenges and his plans to take over E.B.I. and ADCC in 2018 Listen as Jon and I, Unite Jiu Jitsu.



Ep. 47 Michael Prete

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Michael Prete is a 4 stripe white belt, under Rick Henry, at Rick Henry Studios in Philadelphia, PA. I wanted to have Michael on because he has an interesting jiu jitsu journey. He works 2 full time jobs, is married with kids, helps teach the children’s classes, and is a bouncer. We dive into his life, discussing the juggling acts, the up and downs of beginning jiu jitsu, the times he has had to use his jits to defend his life, and his competition life. Join us, as Michael and I , Unite Jiu Jitsu.

Ep. 46 Alex Barcelona

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Alex “AJ” Barcelona is equal parts: Jiu Jitsu fighter, Photographer, Business owner , and Mother. She trains at Milton Bastos Jiu Jitsu, in Mountain View, CA, USA. When she is not training hard and winning gold at events such as IBJJF Pans and The San Diego Open, she is helping families create long lasting memories through her beautiful photography. Listen as we discuss why she didn’t need anything to spur her to try BJJ, the importance of paying for her hard work, and her future goals, as we Unite Jiu Jitsu.

Ep. 45 David Avellan

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David Avellan is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt from the FreeStyle Fight Academy in Miami, FL, USA. David’s journey into BJJ started in high school, when his wrestling mentor got him off the couch and onto the mats. Soon after, he and his older brother started their own grappling club, which transitioned into a full fledged academy, The FreeStyle Fighting Academy. After wining several titles ranging from local grappling tournaments all the way up to ADCC was able to create the Kimura Trap System, which he used to win against several high ranking opponents.

Now David has transitioned to Las Vegas, Nevada where he has taken up residence at the Robert Drysdale Academy. Listen as we discuss all of this and more, as David help me, Unite Jiu Jitsu.


Ep. 44- Bre Stikk

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Bre Stikk is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple belt under Kenny Bond of Street Sports Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Simi Valley, CA. As a Jiu Jitsu competitor, she recently won the USA Grappling World team Trials in Las Vegas, but even more impressive is how she spends her time off the mat. Bre spends her spring and summers as a Wildland Firefighter & her fall and winter as a Paramedic. During the interview, we discuss her amazing work ethic, her aspirations for her Jiu Jitsu career, and her amazing opportunity to represent her country this fall in Azerbaijan. Listen as Bre and I, unite jiu jitsu.

Ep. 43- Brian Freeman

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Brian Freeman is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt, that teaches and trains out of the Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu Southern Pines, in Southern Pines, N.C. After an accident caused him to lose the use of his legs, a meeting with his daughter’s Jiu Jitsu coach gave him an opportunity to empower his life. Through all the pain and adjustments that grappling can bring, Brian meets them head on as a symbol to all “adaptive athletes” in the world. We discuss the daily struggles, competition grappling, and the WU-Tang Clan. Join me as Brian Freeman helps me, Unite Jiu Jitsu.

Ep. 42-The Los Angeles Jiu Jitsu Club

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The Los Angeles Jiu Jitsu Club was founded in/around 2015 by friends Joey Hauss and Eric Medina. They took a home, fitted a large portion of it with professional padding and have tournament combined the comfort of a successfully/living quarters with high quality instruction and a great atmosphere. Now supported by a full time live-in team, TLAJJC has blossomed into one of the “it” places to train BJJ. Weather its high level seminars, outdoor projects, or a new grappling tournament, The LA Jiu Jitsu Club continues to push the envelop. Join me as Joey & Andrew help me, Unite Jiu Jitsu.

Ep. 41-Sunni Imhotep

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Sunni Imhotep is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt under Nakapan Phungephorn at  Beta Academy, Washington D.C., USA. On top of that he is a an accomplished Muay Thai practitioner and emerging amateur MMA fighter.

When he is not training, he spends his time teaching classes at the school, running a videography and photography business, The Video Bro, being a admin to several websites, and working part time for the U.S. Government. Sunni’s goal is to become a professional MMA fighter by the end of 2017. How will he achieve it? Is it even possible? You bet you butt it is, but its not easy. Sunni explains and also talks about the importance of Social Media for athletes in this edition of Unite The Podcast.


Ep. 40- Marvin “Da Cerberus” Castelle

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Marvin Castelle is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt under Eddie Bravo and the Kids Instructor at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu HQ in California, USA. Starting his BJJ journey in Flint, MI, as part of his MMA game , he decided early on that his real passion was in the grappling aspect of the game. After a tragedy took his mother away too soon, he decided a scenery change was in order and moved to Los Angeles. Once there, he met Eddie, and after demonstrating his amazing work ethic and desire to push forward, no matter the results caused him to be placed in charge of the Kids training program. Most recently his amazing victory at the Fight to Win event in LA has caused his star to shine very brightly, but he understands that there is much more work to be done. Join me as Marvin and I, Unite Jiu Jitsu.

Ep. 39-The Secret Roll Club

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The Secret Roll Club is a group of athletes that started rolling together to escape the strict rules of traditional Jiu Jitsu schools. What started off as a handful of friends, has blossomed into large events with DJ’s, charity food drives, and prize giveaways. Currently, the club only has events in NYC, but they have plans to expand across the nation. If you are looking for a good, no-politics group to roll with, The SRC may be the ticket. Join me as Erik & Sayer help me, Unite Jiu Jitsu.